Glancetron GTplus

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High-end LCD monitors with integrated touch screens



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The Glancetron »plus« series of high quality monitors with integrated touch screens will not only convince you with their top performance, high throughput, well thought-out construction and robust design – they will thoroughly impress you. The exclusive use of brand name components, the matching concept of diverse features and combination interfaces guarantees you a wide spectrum of applications.

The small version of the Glancetron GTplus series comes equipped with an integrated 38.1 cm (15”) touch screen with a 5-wire resistive sensor, to ensure for continually precise and ergonomic operation. Its resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the contrast ratio of 500:1, as well as the brightness of 200 cd/m² guarantee a high degree of user-friendliness, even in difficult environments with direct light sources. With a viewing angle of 140° horizontally and 125° vertically it can also easily be read from the side, even under incident lighting. The LCD is nearly flicker-free, thanks to its outstanding response time of 8 ms; it also presents colours (16.2 million of them) brilliantly, with very sharply defined contours.

In addition to the 15” version, there is a larger model with a screen diagonal of 43.2 cm (17”) – the perfect unity of high-end monitor with touch screens. They score bonus points with a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, as well as a contrast ratio of 800:1. Thanks to its user-friendliness, you can easily read the screen even in difficult environments with direct light sources. The viewing angle of up to 160° and a response time of 8 ms provide for good ergonomics. Work processes are rounded out with its sophisticated design concept: the sturdy base prevents tipping and stabilizes the flat screen in any direction. A continuous tilt grade of -5° up to +90° guarantees that it simply conforms to any requirement, while impressing personnel, particularly with frequently changing users.

In order to remain flexible when reacting to various requirements, the connection options are also optimally designed to meet your demands: the touch signals are transferred to the host optionally with RS232 or USB interface. The optional power supply per power adapter or PC power connection guarantee you a quick and effective installation (power cords for the UK and EU are included in the delivery). To keep the various interface options from interfering with the elegant monitor design, the base comes with an integrated cable guide to prevent cable tangle and unintentional disconnections.

Thanks to their compact footprint and slim form, the monitors integrate themselves into any work area without taking up a lot of space. The control elements of the OSD menus are located on the side, and can be digitally blocked: this is especially practical for self-service or information terminals, to prevent undesired configuration changes. The splash water-proof casing is particularly rugged, making it the perfect companion in demanding environments like sales, at service areas and terminals, even in production and logistics. The integrated loud speaker (1W) underlies its high functionality and extends their spectrum of applications. The robust, yet elegant casing of impact-resistant black plastic meets most demand and design criteria. With the top quality touch screen monitors, you fulfil all requirements for ergonomic and efficient usage at checkouts and in production.

Should the application require wall placement or other fixtures, there is also the appropriate VESA mount for your monitor available. These are easily mounted in place of the stand on the rear side, and further expand the functionality of this professional hardware. See the top performance and quality of the GTplus series for yourself.

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